Lose Belly Fat in a Week

lose belly fat weekLosing weight is not particularly easy. People are always looking for ways to get rid of their excess pounds to achieve the body they have always dreamed of. Some of them use supplements that promise to get rid of fats within a certain period of time. Others see liposuction and other medical methods as a way to achieve a flat stomach. Some choose the natural means to lose weight. So, what is the best way to lose belly fat in a week? If you are trying to get rid of your belly fat, you should keep these techniques in mind. These methods will help you remove a large percentage of your belly fat in a week.

How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week

Consume green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are known as fat burning meals as they are low in calories, but rich in nutrients. You need your metabolism to work at optimum efficiency. By eating a large amount of vegetables, you are giving your body the nutrition it needs without a lot of calories. With this, you are not only losing weight fast, but you are also improving your overall health.

Eat healthy protein before you go to bed

The healthy habits of people vary. Some eat animal protein such as steak and chicken during the day and consume foods rich in carbs at night. If you want to lose belly fat week, you need to avoid bread. Bread is not harmful, but it contains a lot of carbs. Your goal is to achieve a calorie deficit. Getting rid of foods that are rich in carbs can help you develop calorie deficit.

If losing belly fat is your main goal, you should reorganize your diet plan. If you need to eat desserts, you have can have them in small amounts. Consume them early before going to bed. This way, your body can burn them off before you sleep. Your afternoon meals must include animal proteins like lead red meat, fish and chicken. You can add spinach salad to your afternoon meals. It can help burn off the extra fat in your belly.

Basically, if you want to lose belly fat in a week, you need to make dietary changes. What you need to do during this week is consume as much protein as possible while getting rid of fats and carbs. You can only eat carbs before and after working out and you should consume 25 grams at every occasion. The rest of the day should be allocated to eating vegetables. This is among the most intense diets out there, but it’s one of the best ways if you want to lose fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Increase the intensity of your workout

Of course, you should not forget about your workout if you want to lose belly fat week. Losing fat is not just about following a healthy diet. It is also about exercising. As you are on a low carb diet, you can go for intensity on your workout routine. Your muscle fuel storage will run out as you are on a low carb diet. As such, you cannot perform a lot of sets. However, you can make the sets as intense as possible. You can perform two sets for shoulder press, bench press, barbell rows, squats and lunges or deadlifts.

Lift as much weight as you can to achieve eight repetitions per set. Once it is done, you can do twenty minutes of light cardio to complete your workout. Do this routine 2 to 3 times every week depending on how you are feeling and you will be able to improve your metabolic rate and maintain a lean body mass.

You also need to make changes to your lifestyle. Get more sleep. Since your intake of calorie is lower, you will not recover as you’d normally experience. This will also help you control your hunger throughout the day. It is also important that you take enough time to relax. This is a stressful program that aims to help you get rid of belly fat in a week. If you try to keep up with your usual busy schedule, you are going to burn out. Take it easy and you will get better results.

So, these are the main changes that you need to make in your life to lose belly fat in a week. If you follow this plan, you will achieve the results you want. Be patient and don’t get frustrated if you don’t see the results you are after. Don’t give up. Remember that your goal is to achieve a flat stomach and it requires effort and determination from you. Whether you want a flat belly or six pack abs, you should stick to this plan and you will get rid of your belly fat fast.


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